Anais Nin: You live like this, sheltered, in a delicate world, and you believe you are living. Then you read a book… or you take a trip… and you discover that you are not living, that you are hibernating. The symptoms of hibernating are easily detectable: first, restlessness. The second symptom (when hibernating becomes dangerous and might degenerate into death): absence of pleasure. That is all. It appears like an innocuous illness. Monotony, boredom, death. Millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it. They work in offices. They drive a car. They picnic with their families. They raise children. And then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them and saves them from death. Some never awaken.



5:59 p.m., December 31, 2008
New Year's Eve

So, I'm sitting here doing nothing. I'm kind of pissed off because I really would like to go to a party somewhere as opposed to being at home, the place where I'm least comfortable. The person I want to go out with is nowhere to be found. The party I was supposed to go to didn't happen and nothing is looking bright right now. 
Last New Year's Eve I was sitting on the couch, staring at my parents snore while the clock struck 12 a.m. DEPRESSING. VERY DEPRESSING.  The house was quiet as fuck and the only thing I could hear was the quiet roar of the "Times Square Countdown with Ryan Seacrest." I looked around and started crying. YES, I WAS CRYING. Why? 
Because this social life I claim is not fulfilling. There are not a lot of things that don't fulfill me right now. Yeah, just going out with people who share the same likes as me is an option but I find myself being the only person I know who is trustworthy.  And that doesn't mean I'm not trying to do anything about it. UGH!! I need a car and a license, but then where would I be? Out by myself...... a young lady, out by herself at night in the big city... terrible things are bound to happen. 
Please don't say "Make New Friends". That shit never works. 

6:15 p.m.


My Travel Blog is up/////Paying Tribute to one of The Ten Queens (Bettie Paige (1923-2008))

It's official. I am making a promise to myself that I will be traveling this summer. NO EXCUSES!!! NO LIES!!!! NO PROMISES WITHOUT SUCCESS!!!
Matador is a Community of articles about all things Travel and its impact. Here is a statement from their website about who they are to better illustrate their purpose and also, why they are important to this post:
Matador is a meeting place. It’s a place for you to express yourself, tell others about your adventures, get meaningful travel advice, and take inspiration from the beautiful and remarkable things others like you have discovered all across the globe.

We started Matador because we love to travel. When we travel, we are constantly amazed and inspired by the people we meet, the cultures we're exposed to, and the adventures we have. We want to share our discoveries with you and allow you to share yours with us. The result will be a community of travelers, adventurers, and vacationers connected by their thirst for the unknown.
Travel is a vehicle for uniting individual voices, minds and ideas. As travelers, we are, in a sense, freelance ambassadors; not only do we return with stories of other cultures and ways of life, but we also share our own culture and ways of life with the people we meet along the way. We at Matador believe this exchange is essential to bringing about positive development in our rapidly changing world.

It’s sometimes easy to forget how vast the world is and how many interesting people are out there doing amazing things. Getting caught up in the day-to-day routine can make the world feel small and uninteresting. We want to inspire you, give you the opportunity to share your story, meet people who love the things that you love and give you the tools to plan new adventures.

So go get started! Discover over and over again how lucky you are to be on this planet and how much there is to explore. Whether you're taking a year off, or just those precious two weeks…the world is at your fingertips. Think of Matador as a global watering hole for creativity, culture, and adventures big and small. In the end, Matador will be what you make it.
Optimism without ignorance, confidence without arrogance, engagement without aggression – Matador offers a truly authentic connection to the world around you. Can there be any greater adventure?
So, since I've been on there enjoying their articles and finding some great info, I decided to make a profile. A thought came to me as I was filling in the "about me" section, The subject of which is in my blog on the website. Don't worry about missing out on any of my luvin' reader, every time I post on Matador, I'm going to post it here.

My first post is titled, "Who I am now, who I will be soon

"...I remember when Zerri and I were talking about how we were going to go travel and make money abroad so we could come back with more due to the exchange rates in The States. I hated the fact that he kept talking about it and it never happened. I refuse to stay in Michigan!!!! "

I'm going to make myself into the person I see in the back of my head. 

It might sound crazy to you, but just wait and see...I'm going to knock your socks off in a couple of months....



Rest In Peace Ms. Bettie Paige 1923-2008
The Queen Of Curves...

If you know nothing about this amazing woman, I suggest you go research her because she is a BADASSMOFO!!!

Page starred in Varietease in 1954, which managed to challenge the sexual mores of the time without showing nudity or overtly salacious content. She stopped modeling three years later.

She is one of  The Ten Queens because I, as a fan of her work, have really learned the value of loving and embracing my sexuality and
 sexiness as a woman. 
I have also learned that sexuality,
 esteem and self- image has to be gained 
and made by myself, and by no one else.

People's lives have been wasted on the 
pursuit of other people's fantasies and goals
and dreams which all don't parallel
 with what we want for ourselves
often enough.

A moment of silence for her..
(Scroll SLOWLY)

(I will post my concept of The Ten Queens later)


S.T.O.R.Y. Stories Told Over Remixed Years By K Salaam and Beatnick

OH MY GODDDDD!!!!!!!!!

My husband Common has a new mixtap out.

YAYYYYYY. I found out in Club U.G.L. when I was chillin with my friend Jasmine.

I had an auditory orgasm the first 12 seconds of the first track.


Have you ever wondered what guys/girls feel or think about when they have a crush on someone? I interviewed Jasmine...


How does it feel for you when you have a crush on someone?
"It feels like biting into a peppermint patty and you're flying down Mt. Everest butt naked!!!! But no, really It feels like...butterflies. It really does. If im around someone I like and I can see them comming from afar and i feel like 'WHOOSH!' 'Let me just get myself together!"

Do you currently have a crush on someone?
[Smiles] "No."

You're Lying [Laugh]
"Yes, I do.

What's his name?
"We shall call him 'Main Attraction' "

As you can tell, Jasmine has quite the imagination when it comes to attraction. 


Hard-Hitting Ad targets teens

The above link transfers you to a video which the GB government has started to advertise during the party season.
It is very provocative. It runs backwards to show the sequence of events leading up to a young girls pregnancy. 



Have you seen the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy?
The one where the homeless guy's broken leg bone was stuck inside his chest?

Not only that, but another part of the story was weird.



So, Izzie is being haunted by Denny...yeah, her dead fiancee (the one who the Free clinic is named after) Even though I really don't like her character that much, mostly because she reminds me too much of myself (ah! a revelation), I'm feeling for her. Anyone who has ever lost someone, or has broken up from a horrible relationship understands where she's coming from. 
Being haunted by someone isn't fun. It's painful...

I finished watching the episode a couple of minutes ago shaking my head in disbelief and shock and pain, because Denny has been following her all around the hospital, making comments on her cases and also talking to her at inconvenient moments. NOT FUN.
But here's the part that I can't get over.
So, she realizes that she's being haunted by him and then, thanks to the advice of a patient who advises her to burn all of the things that she has that belongs to Denny, she asks Alex to burn his sweater. 
Great Right? Ya know, he won't be haunting her anymore...?
NO. The audience couldn't be more wrong.
She goes into her room and he's sitting on the bed.
Throughout the episode, Denny kept telling her to touch him to make sure he was real, and she kept resisting. Why? Because he's DEAD!! And any form of him that keeps following her around is a ghost.
So he keeps telling her, "I'm here for you, Izzie... Touch me."
She finally touches him at the height of disbelief...
and her hand rests on his chest. And he embraces her. 
How can you explain that shit?!!!
Shonda, you are really laying it on THICK aren't you. 
Thanks for making me obsessed.


Le Masquerade

Yes, the above video is footage of "Le Masquerade" which is an event I had the pleasure of covering for Wayne State University's South End News.

And YES. I had a BALL.
Pictures coming soon...

The Secret Garden

I want to know a secret of yours, reader. 

You've been reading my posts and everything, but I rarely hear from you.......


Jazmine Sullivan's " Bust Your Windows"

Her new video disappointed me.

I was expecting to see her riding in a big Escalade with her girls, Dressed in all black, and tall stiletto boots to match, stopping around the corner of her boyfriends place and promptly taking turns beating the windows, side panels, back lights, front lights, turn signals, and rear-view mirrors out of his car. 

The video wasn't complete trash, but the director really missed the mark on this one. FAREAL

Hopefully the next one will be satisfactory...what's her next single? Hm..i hope it's not "In love with another man" because that's my favorite song on the cd...


Le List

Sweet tooth:
Celeb crush:
Makeup crush:
Something you don’t know about me:
Latest makeup or beauty find you’re sharing:
Goals for the week:

Highlight and Paste!! Let me know what you are doing today!!!

My girl over at always does this, I think like once a week. It's going to be once a month for me. Here goes...


Mood: Inspired and Ready to Go!!!

Fragrance: Asian Pear by Secret / It's a Secret..

Nails: Nearest beauty supply's nail buffing file ($.79!!! Score)

Sweet tooth: Cheesecake with Caramel and Cookie Crumbles

Celebrity crush: Common

Makeup crush: Anything in the YSL makeup collection. (Look Left)

Something you don’t know about me: I like telling strangers my secrets

Latest makeup or beauty find you’re sharing: Dark Blue Eyeliner

Hair: Ponytail and a cute curled bang

Goals for the week: Finish interview with Jeantrix/ Talk to Dr. Bayneson/ Find, Purchase or Borrow book for Communication Class


Halloween Pt. 1

So my grandmother threw a fish-fry a couple of weeks ago, and I asked one of my 3000 little cousins what I should be for halloween.
Aleena* said, "An Angel!!!"
Then I thought about bad Aleena*
I could pull that off, but what would I wear? My Google prowess came in..

I can be a sultry, glowing, alluring, goddess - angel for Halloween.

Costume search!!!
I went online to Frederick's of Hollywood first...But then I thought about what I should be wearing: An angel would either have on a baby-doll or a long flowing gown, so I searched for those two things.

(Imagine these in White...)
Lover's Lane...

I like the gowns/lingerie from Lover's Lane more than Frederick's. Now, all I need to do is search where I can find some big ass Victoria's Secret angel wings...
then I would be perfect...

Yes!! This would be too perfect!! But I don't think that I can buy any like this online. The only ones I can find are the thin, papery kind...

Hopefully, by halloween I can find an outfit..


The Ticketed Experience...Santogold, Low VS Diamond, DJ ATRAK


I could barely take pics and vids i was so hype!!!

First, Low V.S. Diamond came out. I liked them. They had a great sound and there were pretty cute band members. The lead singer had a nice voice. They played well.
At least the sound people didn't fuck their music up by trying to adjust the sound WHILE the concert was going on just because they weren't the main act..It's happened before...but anywho..

The video you're about to see I think is "Heart Attack".. i'm sorry if it isn't..
(the above link will lead you to another blog where you can download the song.)

I will gladly purchase their music.

I didn't know what to think of Plastic Little.
They were too.....i dont know...jumpy..? I was'nt feeling them at all.

But I stupidly recorded two videos of them instead of one so i'd have enough memory on my phone for Santi.


Here's the vid of Plastic decide if you can hear the going to buy a digital camera so I wont have to sacrifice quality over experience while taking pics and videos from my camera phone.

DJ A-Trak was nice....I think this was the first time i've seen a prof. DJ spin and was sweet and i hear he was The Louis Vouitton Don's DJ...hmmm

Last, and NEVER least was Santogold...
She was amazzzzzzzzzinnnnnnnnnnnng and I sang every single one of her songs...
but low and behold,
scream and the avalanche will come...
Homegirl had a mixtape before her self-titled came out WTF!!!
So i'm copping this shi' SONNN....

But girlfriend did the damned thing and I was sore when I got back and the voice i'm supposed to be using for my voice class on Friday is hoarse as hell.

BY THE WAY...You can obsess here ~~~~ V~~~~~~

Here is what I DID collect from her performance

I think you can figure out what song she's singing ;-)



So I've been looking for fabulous halloween parties to attend in the downtown area and luckily, I stumbled on this...

Since my favorite word and my favorite party theme is a masquerade... I am definitely going...But what am I supposed to wear? 

Little do you know, I have a secret power:

I can find virtually ANYTHING on the 
internet. How?

Google of course. I can Google my ass off!!!! 

Anywho, I typed in the word [masquerade] and I read a lot of things about the history of, various locations in the world  that have been throwing these fancy celebrations for centuries, and pics. 

Here's a smidget of what I found:

A Masquerade, a company based in Bellvue, WA that sells and rents costumes and accessories. 
What was most interesting, and helpful about thier online store was the fact that their costumes were arranged, for your convenience, by era. Their costumes ranged from "classical antiquity"
 ( anything like fake egyptian wear, roman soldier gear, caveman wear, aztec maiden dresses, greek goddess dresses, and spartan gear so you can bring out or reenact your favorite "300" movie scenes) to '1980's" 
 apparel ( famous Madonna music video outfits, Prince's notorious purple outfit, and some not-so 80's outfits)

I might consider renting from this place for the masquerade, but not before I take a thorough search through all of my internet resources.

 I went back to Google.

Then, Wikipedia read my mind. 

A masquerade ball (or bal masqué) is an event which the participants attend in costume wearing a mask. (A masque is a formal written and sung court pageant.)Such gatherings, festivities of Carnival, were paralleled from the fifteenth century by increasingly elaborate allegorical Entries, pageants and triumphal processions celebrating marriages and other dynastic events of late medieval court life. Masquerade balls were extended into costumed public festivities in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance (Italian, maschera). They were generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper classes, and were particularly popular in Venice. They have been associated with the tradition of the Venetian Carnival. With the fall of the Venetian Republic at the end of the 18th century, the use and tradition of masks gradually began to decline, until they disappeared altogether.In 1979, a group of young Venetians interested in theatre and culture had the idea of reviving the Carnival in Venice. Now the visitors that crowd Venice in the last week before the beginning of the Lent reach the figure of more than 500.000 and the traditional spirit of the Carnival pervades again the city. Identities again become confused. The division between reality and illusion, between past and present, never very clearly defined in Venice at any time, indistinguishably merge...

I think this is exactly why I want to go to Italy (other than to stare at random fine ass Italian men).  I really want to go to the masquerade dressed in a big costume and a really nice mask so i can meet some mysterious guy and live like Cinderella for the rest of my life, but this is AMERICA so that aint' gon' happen.

However, I think I did find a couple of masks I wouldn't mind wearing...

The real 
question is if I'm really going to buy these or go to the nearest party store...hmm...


Jill Scott "The Sky Ain't a Ceiling"

A masterpiece by none other than Queen Jill Scott...


Public And Private; Mirroring the Mass media

Photography Assignment

A Value System:

I agree with...

I don't agree with..

'Size zero' advert shocks catwalk
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A shocking image of a naked anorexic woman has gone on display to help force the fashion industry into ending a "dangerous" reliance on size zero models.
Emaciated Isabello Caro, who has been anorexic since the age of 13, has been shown on billboards across Milan as the Italian city celebrates its fasion week.
The slogan above her body, used to advertise fashion group Flash&Partners's clothing brand Nolita, are the words: "No Anorexia".

A person...

... that you herald or honor...

Dr. Huey P. Newton (1942-1989)
Minister of Defense and Co-Founder for Black Panther Party

...a person that you would want to avoid...

Someone with a bad aura. Since I have a good intuition, I can usually tell who is, and who isn't a good person. 

Someone of the same gender 

you identify with....

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

She met Barack Obama when they were the only two African Americans at their law firm and she was assigned to mentor him while he was a summer associate.] Their relationship started with a business lunch and then a community organization meeting where he first impressed her. The couple's first date was to the Spike Lee movie Do the Right Thing. The couple married in October 1992, and they have two daughters, Malia Ann (born 1998) and Natasha (known as Sasha) (born 2001). Throughout her husband's 2008 campaign for President of the United States, she has made a "commitment to be away overnight only once a week — to campaign only two days a week and be home by the end of the second day" for their two children. do not identify with...

Christine Beatty, Former Chief of Staff for Former Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick

A personal Characteristic that you are proud of 

... that is represented in someone else...

...that you would like to disown that is represented in someone else...

I find it hard to respect people who are insensitive to other people's lifestyles'. That is the main reason why I am a democrat, and why I participate in The Day of Silence, and other various protests.


i will be posting very soon, lovies


More on Santi!!!

I hope you can imagine how much I love adore cherish and admire


This woman is taking music by storm....If you scroll down to the earlier post i wrote on her and Robyn, you'd realize that the full album playlist, provided by her account, is now a grapevine of 30 second previews...
I know lovies and besties. But you can trust my exquisite and refined taste in music enough to buy her album off of iTunes or Rhapsody or anywhere else you purchase your legal music....I just hope you own what you buy...

A history on Santogold...

This is better than good; this is gold— SANTOGOLD!

Santogold is a survivor of a half century worth of living along musical evolution’s most cutting edges. The only live act that can boast of having out-aged Barbara Bush, having outlived Mr. Miyagi and out styled Liberace, Santogold is here with future flavor.

Already receiving weighty club rotation and airplay in urban Afghanistan and downtown Beirut, Santogold is the first act of the century to boast a post-war following on the International Space Station Mir. Following a live performance broadcast from three thousand miles off the Cape of Good Hope last June, inmates at Leavenworth Penitentiary received Santogold with a celebratory confetti parade. Just another first for the modern super group that knows no bound.

Composed of absolutely no members, Santogold is also the first musical outfit capable of claiming the planet’s broiling collective consciousness as their front woman. Longtime collaborator, singer and songwriter Santi White says of her work with Santogold, “We began trying to write pop songs to sell, which made us depressed, so we started writing songs for ourselves instead.” The results of that self centered conceit is the songwriting work heard for the first time on the full length self-titled Santogold album, released in 2008 on Downtown/Lizard King (US) and Atlantic (UK).

As unmastered tracks leaked over the internet this past November, the request lines of radio stations from Miami to Hanoi began freezing with a flood of calls from listeners eager to hear the new Santogold sound over their frequencies. From his radio show in the United Arab Emirates capital city of Abu Dhabi, Michael Jackson (the King of Pop) played what Santogold snippets he had been able to pirate from a bootleg MySpace page dedicated to the group. Days later, BBC Radio One reported that the unreleased Santogold debut was heard blasting from the iPod shuffle of Libyan ruler Moammar Qaddafi as he entered an international summit in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Recognizing the urgent need to address the uproarious buzz, Santogold released the following statement through their label reps : “The response to our unmastered songs has been both premature and phenomenal! We were happy to hear that the children of Darfur have found hope in our melodic interpretation of life on the battlefield of love! We’re hoping that each and every 20-something from downtown San Francisco to central Mumbai will also learn something from our work! And to the people dropping no-knock fire on old ladies in Atlanta: shame on you! Santogold ain’t with that shit!”

The trajectory of such early successes leading to newfound political clout is nothing new for Santogold, whose debut album, though half a century in the making, is sure to rock glass pipes from the Lincoln Memorial to Buckingham palace. The flavor of the gold is guaranteed: Santogold!


Video of the month!!

I forgot how dope Barbara Streisand is....
This song has been hiding from me for a while but i found it...

I heard this in To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar
and instantly! , me and this song had a connection simply because im the Princess of the land of Far Far Away...but thats a story for another time...



Im feeling these lyrics right now...and I just had to share them...
this is how I feel about that special someone that i can feel...they are so close to me i can reach out and almost touch them.....feel their warmth...ahhh so soothing.....

Orange Moon
By Erykah Badu

Reflecting the light of the sun

Many nights he was alone
Many, many, many nights
His light was so bright that they turned away
And he stood alone
Every night and every day
Then he turned to me
He saw his reflection in me
And he smiled at me when he turned to me
Then he said to me

How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is

I'm an Orange Moon
I'm brighter than before
Brighter than ever before
I'm an Orange Moon and I shine so bright
Cause I reflect the light of my sun
I praise the day, he turned my way
And smiled at me
He gets to smile and I get to be orange, that I love to be

How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is

Shine so bright
He ruled the day, I ruled the night
Shine, shine, shine

How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
How good he is, how god is
How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how god is
How good it is, how good it is

I'm an orange moon
I'm brighter than before, brighter
Reflecting the light of the sun
Smile at me


Le List

This fashionista to the right, Me of Course!, is definitely feeling some Monday blues....ARGH!!

Then I realized that I haven't been posting so my babies know I'm still on this beautiful earth. Today, I'm going to give you something very simple....a list...courtesy of Karen


Mascara:Hypnose by Lancome
Breakfast:2 Waffles, 2 sausage links, one hot dog, bowl of Honey Nut Cherrioes
I’m lovin’ it (makeup related): Givenchy's Make up palettes.....
I’m lovin’ it (non-makeup related):nice says like the one's weve been having recently
Outfit:Strapless dress pulled up as tube top (cute) dark wash denim capri's
Fragrance: Carol's Daughter Shea Butter Souffle and signature scent...
Quote of the day:"Save the Babies!!!"- Marvin Gaye's "Save The Children"
Just another manic Monday?...Yes
Goals of the week:Find a cool weekend job, buy underwear, lipgloss, and lip balm


Santogold ::::::Robyn::::If you didn't know, Now you know...

This woman is the best thing to grace multiple genres in a long time.

SANTOGOLD  has a sound that makes you want to just...chill and relax with some friends. Mannnn...ive been digging her since i heard "Switch and Graeme You'll Find A Way remix" on Ali Madigan( Ke*sh's home girl)'s myspace profile.

Anywhoo, the girl is the ISH... every track gets me pumped and i'm pretty sure if you got dressed to go or party while listening to this, you'd get pumped too.

She inspires me so much. UGH!!!!! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!

She makes me want to go out and party/gives me enough energy to redo my entire wardrobe. FAREAL. 

SANTOGOLD gets 8.7 out of 10


This bad mamajama is another pop sensation that i think should not be slept on. 

Robyn aka Robin Mirriam Carlsson hails from Stockholm, Sweeden. If you listen to her album closer you can hear her airy, beautiful crispy accent. Her swagger makes me want to go out and flaunt my inner Man-eater-ness. She spits, sings and croons with the sort of swagger you'd never expect from Sweeden. 

ROBYN gets 8.0 out of 10

On The Record with Robyn


Quote and Pic of the Month

Quote of the Month

"One day in the distant future, the children of our children's children will look back upon the 'aughts' for retro inspiration and stumble upon the sartorial black hole that is Paris Hilton. Her egregious crimes against fashion are too numerous to list here, but in this photo of Her Tragedy, accompanied by her boyfriend Benji Madden, the offending look is very wannabe It couple: If you took a snapshot of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty from two years ago, photocopied it 27 times, covered it in Velveeta, ran it through a Hot Topic sample sale and then sold it as a cheap knock-off on Canal Street, it would look like this picture." --Elizabeth Spiridakis on The Moment.

Pic of the Month
The Rest...

"Very space tramp.
Very vomitrocious. The ‘L.A. Look’ needs to go away forever, please. If they banned fedoras, tacky sunglasses, blazers over T-shirts, leggings and Kitson, Los Angeles would become a nudist colony.
Very last stop in the fashion cycle: All good trends (leggings, metallics, rock star boyfriends) go to Paris to die. Clean out your closets accordingly."

Very is a regular free-association column by Elizabeth Spiridakis, in which she calls it like she sees it.



I would work my ass off to see this pop up in every major and minor city.



Take Back the Crap Month PART 2

So... yeah
. i need to tell some people in my life how i feel about them, but it's kinda hard to do so. I mean, i wish i could write a letter but a letter would not do my situation any justice. 

So like probably a million and four other people who use the internet as much as i do
i just "Googled it"

 search box ------> [getting things off your chest]
and somehow, i think through another website, i found 

You can go on here and vent all of your feelings about anything anonymously. For instance someone wrote:

Body Mass Index Dispute

Fuck my health professor! He's an asshole! Why is he an asshole you ask? Because he said I need to lose weight because of my BMI (body mass index). Well you know what! Fuck that asshole!

I am 19 years old and weigh 215 lbs. at a height of 6'1''. Now I tried to explain to my professor that I do not need to lose any weight because I have plenty of muscle mass which makes it look like I have a high BMI. I argued with him for about 5 minutes and he made it seem like I'm a bad person for having a BMI over 25.

These body mass index things are bullshit! He talked to each person individually who had a BMI over 25. My BMI is 28.4 but I am not fat by any means. Sure I have gained some extra baggage since I started college last Fall but my body fat % is only 13. He makes it seem like I'm obese and need help losing weight. It felt like he was putting me down. I am seriously thinking about going to the Dean and telling him how much of an asshole my professor is. It sucks I have 2.5 more months of his bullshit class!!!

The only thing wrong with this is, this doesn't help me get it to the people i need to tell my problems to. but then i decided to look at the website again. i pushed the "RANDOM" button like ten times and read each one. Doing this made me feel better, because i realized i was not the only person who had problems. i was not the only person who was in pain. 

No, it didn't solve my own problems but i did learn that there is always an alternative to any decision you make.  There are consequences, big or small, positive or negative that should always be considered. Easier said than done, yes, i know.  Just do what you feel is right. Do what "Karma" would do. If you don't know who 'Karma' is, then, think about this: who made you pay for that time you stole something out of that store or when you cheated on anything or anyone or when you lied or did wrong?  You know her better than you think you do. Yes, THAT bitch...

As for this month, think about other peoples problems. Help them. Forget yourself for a moment. Make sure they are alright. Give of yourself. Then ask for help. Then look at your problems from another perspective. Don't overestimate the power of asking a stranger for advice.