Anais Nin: You live like this, sheltered, in a delicate world, and you believe you are living. Then you read a book… or you take a trip… and you discover that you are not living, that you are hibernating. The symptoms of hibernating are easily detectable: first, restlessness. The second symptom (when hibernating becomes dangerous and might degenerate into death): absence of pleasure. That is all. It appears like an innocuous illness. Monotony, boredom, death. Millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it. They work in offices. They drive a car. They picnic with their families. They raise children. And then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them and saves them from death. Some never awaken.


Le List

This fashionista to the right, Me of Course!, is definitely feeling some Monday blues....ARGH!!

Then I realized that I haven't been posting so my babies know I'm still on this beautiful earth. Today, I'm going to give you something very simple....a list...courtesy of Karen


Mascara:Hypnose by Lancome
Breakfast:2 Waffles, 2 sausage links, one hot dog, bowl of Honey Nut Cherrioes
I’m lovin’ it (makeup related): Givenchy's Make up palettes.....
I’m lovin’ it (non-makeup related):nice says like the one's weve been having recently
Outfit:Strapless dress pulled up as tube top (cute) dark wash denim capri's
Fragrance: Carol's Daughter Shea Butter Souffle and signature scent...
Quote of the day:"Save the Babies!!!"- Marvin Gaye's "Save The Children"
Just another manic Monday?...Yes
Goals of the week:Find a cool weekend job, buy underwear, lipgloss, and lip balm

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